Surefire engineering

Serious heat for professionals.

We engineer high quality solutions for professionals and institutions who need reliable furnaces, kilns, ovens and other related equipment.

We have also been known to build other stuff.

Our Engineering

We provide artisans and small businesses with affordable thermal processing technology of a type and quality that was hitherto reserved for big business and big budgets. Not only that – we’ll custom build it for you to meet your specific needs!

Hot Stuff

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Our Story

founded on Innovation

A German engineer and an English web developer meet by chance in a French restaurant in South Korea. A very international affair. 

As it turns out, Charles had built the establishment’s oven, and Dan had built their website. They instantly click, and while away the next hour or two, eating, drinking, plotting and hatching. Could such a pair come together and combine their skills for the good of humanity – or, at least some tiny portion of it?

When the bill arrives, they go Dutch…


Engineering, German style.


Make it so. Just so.


Stay ahead of the curve.

Our Customers

What People Say
About Us

Surefire fitted all of our pressure cookers with outlet lines feeding into a 500 liter holding tank to maintain the temperature and consistency of our product during the packaging process. We are more than happy with the results and we’ll definitely be making use of their expertise in the future as our business continues to grow.
Cho Hyejin, Daegil Agricultural Corporation
We recently shifted our menu to focus more on pizza and pasta because those are really popular options in Korea. We wanted to offer a great Napoli pizza, but there were no suitable electric pizza ovens available that would reach the right temperature. So we got in touch with Surefire and they built us a custom oven that suits us perfectly. Our pizzas really stand out, our customers love them, and we couldn’t be happier.

Nabil Merbah, Le Coin Français
I needed a large, dual-fired, reduction pottery kiln temperature uniformity was very important, because I need my glaze to fire consistently across every piece. I also wanted to be able to program several different recipes and recall them when I need them. Surefire exceeded my expectations. The side-loading design makes life really easy, and the touchscreen interface is fantastically user-friendly. It’s the centerpiece of my workshop and my primary workhorse.
Jeong Wonbae, Jeong Dameun Pottery

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