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Choose from our existing catalog of high temperature installations and safety and monitoring equipment, or get in touch to discuss your custom project.

Custom built or off the shelf - we got you covered.

Choose from our existing catalog of furnaces, kilns, commercial ovens and other thermal processing equipment. Or if you don’t see what you need, talk to us and you’ll probably find that we can make happen it for you.

We also produce a range of monitoring and safety equipment. These all include a mobile app component so you can monitor your appliance from anywhere.


Engineering, German style.


Make it so. Just so.


Stay ahead of the curve.


We offer a range of off-the-shelf kiln, furnace and oven designs. Any of these can be adapted to suit your specific needs, or we can custom build it to your exact specifications, from scratch.


from $12,000

Our range of batch furnaces are the workhorses for applications ranging from ceramics and glassware to the heat treatment and annealing of metal alloys. Sizes range from 0.15m3 to 2m3, and maximum temperatures from 1000°C to 1400°C. Silicon carbide elements are fitted as standard, but other options are available, including infrared emitters and Kantal A1 resistive heating wire. 


from $19,000

Our Hood (or Bell) range has a variety of applications, and sizes range from 0.15m3 to 1m3. Continuous operating temperatures of 1250°C to 1700°C are available. The hood-type design affords exceptional temperature uniformity (+/-5°C) and excellent energy efficiency.

Optional dual heating and atmospheric control systems are available for specialist processes such as reduction firing. This design also features a minimum of 150mm of chamber insulation, 100% stainless steel hood construction, and automatic flue dampening. 


Your Solutions

Surefire Engineering designs and engineers a variety of customs distillation machines for ethanol and essence oil extraction. We produce individual machines according to customers’ specific needs. We can also design and engineer entire distillation based production processes from raw material to finish products.


Our Technology

Surefire Engineering provides alembic-type stills, column stills, and continuous stills.We are currently the only company in the Republic of Korea that produces small and medium scale continuous fractionating distillation machines for the craft artisan spirits industry.


Control and Monitoring

Surefire Engineering provides a full digital control and monitoring suite with our distillation machines, This means we provide you the ability to control, monitor, and data log every key process indicator related to your distillation operations.  Control and monitoring can be achieved locally or remotely via an internet connection. We also build the operating interface according to your requirements.  We do not use a subscription or cloud-based software model. This means the software and all related data is stored on your local machine to be accessed by you anytime. Our equipment is also fully compatible with the Korean “Smart Factory System”.


Continuous Fractional Distillation (CFD)

CFD is an industrial process applied in the petrochemical industry used to separate components of a chemical mixture that have a similar boiling points. This technology, when applied to ethanol distillation, has numerous advantages over traditional batch distillation.  Some of these advantages are:


  • Up to 50% energy savings.
  • Drastic reduction in operational labor costs.
  • Acetone / Methanol removable is automatic and logged via process control
  • Decreases floor space requirement.
  • Heads, Hearts and Tails cuts are made automatically based on  predefined AI parameters.
  • Does not require a boiling vessels or “Pot”
  • The process can run continuously and Autonomously round the clock so long fermented wash material is available


Why Choose Us?

We are based in Chonnam, South Korea. This means our after sales technical and operational support is local and we can respond to any customers needs with spare parts or upgrades within a day. Furthermore, we source the majority of our material and manufacturing from Korea ensuring quality and consistency in our product. Finally, we offer a 2 year guarantee on all our products, which is unmatched by our competition.


We can custom build commercial ovens to meet your specific needs in a wide range of industries.

The Neapolitan

from $4,500


A high quality yet affordable electric pizza oven, capable of cooking a Napoli-style pizza in around 60 seconds. This unit is highly energy efficient and is capable of holding up to 3 x 30cm pizzas.

Monitor & control

Our monitoring & control products give you one-touch control over your equipment and let you know what’s going on inside your furnace from anywhere.


from $600

Our Interface control system is a highly intuitive and user-friendly touchscreen control system for your kiln or other furnace. 

Monitor your kiln and peripheral equipment, such as gas burners, oxygen sensors, SCRs and drives, add the capability to use multiple, programmable, one-touch ramp-soak schedules, and glean insights from your firing cycles.

Plus, you can use any VNC app on your mobile devices to monitor and control your equipment from anywhere.



Monitor the temperature of your kiln or other furnace from anywhere. Use our companion mobile app to connect to the device and receive over-temperature alerts for peace of mind. 

Upgrade Kits

Our range of upgrade kits offer advanced control and monitoring features to improve and modernize any kiln. We offer three basic levels of upgrade, each of which can be tweaked to suit your needs and budget.

Master Kit

from $2,450


Give your kiln a new digital soul, remote monitoring and control features, and significant energy efficiency enhancements. 

Journeyman Kit

from $1000


Treat your kiln to the makeover it deserves with Surefire’s beautiful Interface control panel, plus internet monitoring and control via our mobile app. 

Apprentice Kit

from $600

Fit your kiln with a touchscreen control panel and intuitive graphical interface, plus access to multiple eight-step ramp-soak programs that can be recalled at the touch of a button

We recently shifted our menu to focus more on pizza and pasta because those are really popular options in Korea. We wanted to offer a great Napoli pizza, but there were no suitable electric pizza ovens available that would reach the right temperature. So we got in touch with Surefire and they built us a custom oven that suits us perfectly. Our pizzas really stand out, our customers love them, and we couldn’t be happier.

Nabil Merbah

Le Coin Français in Suncheon, South Korea

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